Building opportunities to help our neighborhoods survive and thrive.

Coding for Community - A Civic Hackathon

Goucher College's Graduate Programs are hosting a civic hackathon that will bring together citizens, software developers, scholars, entrepreneurs, designers, and other creative thinkers to plant the seeds that help communities thrive. All are welcome. Whether you are tech savvy or not, we need your ideas. Community solutions require community input.

Meet people that inspire you to create fun and meaningful projects. Participants will coalesce in ad hoc teams at the beginning of the event around projects that engage them and draw on their talents and experiences.

Projects will be designed, built, and presented over the course of the weekend. Leaders from technology, sustainability, and regional cultural spaces will judge projects for the monetary prize, as well as provide feedback to all teams. Projects may include apps, videos, websites, games, plans, or other platforms.

Project Ideas

These are only seed ideas to get the idea juices flowing. Please feel free to bring your own ideas and inspirations to build a team around a project you're passionate about! Participants can suggest ideas and vote on their favorite suggestions at:

  • A program that matches refugee populations in Baltimore County with examples of artistic and cultural traditions that might typically be found in those communities.  The program could be used by social service workers who are interested in the cultural and artistic traditions of these newcomers, but don't know how/where to learn about them.
  • Interactive map of most livable/sustainable communities in Maryland based on the presences of variables such as recipients of the Maryland Traditions Apprenticeships in Traditional Arts, performing arts centers, youth arts programs, ethnic language schools, farmers markets, community gardens, and other characteristics that suggest a sustained culture with a high "Culturability Score."
  • Create a simulation of rising sea levels in the Chesapeake Bay correlated with points of social, environmental, and community interventions where both engineered and ecosystem services are applicable.
  • Create a Treasure Hunt for boaters on the Chesapeake Bay that correlates cultural, artistic, and environmental hot-spots with fun educational activities to engage visitors.

Hosted by: Goucher College's Graduate Programs in Cultural Sustainability, Digital Arts, Environmental Studies, and Management.

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Participants: Individuals (over 18 years in age); Teams.

Must have at least one team-member physically present at event.

See Rules for more details.


all submissions welcome. Submissions should in some way attempt to 'plant the seeds that help communities thrive.' The creation must be ready to demo in some way by the end of the hackathon. See Rules for more details.


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Andrea Hollen

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Betsy Peterson

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Larry Swiader

Judging Criteria

  • Originality
  • Impact
  • Sustainability
  • Design